Thursday, January 9

8th: If you are going on the Confirmation Retreat on Monday/Tuesday, please turn your Research Project in on Monday. If you are going on Tuesday/Wednesday, it will be due on Tuesday before you leave. In reading, write the definitions for the following words and the page number where they are found in Chapter 1.

7th grade: Finish reading pages 15-30 and complete 2 entries in your double entry journal. Your research paper is due tomorrow.

6th Grade: Utopia/Dystopia Quiz is tomorrow. Answer the following question: Why was Jonas frightened when an unidentified aircraft flew over the community? What does his fear of the aircraft indicate about the society that he lives in? Your How to Essay is due tomorrow. The video is to be uploaded by midnight on January 14. Your video must be 3-5 minutes in length, no more, no less. You will lose points if it is. You and only you are to be the one talking in your video. You must follow the steps you have written in your essay. They must be in the same order. HAVE FUN!! I can’t wait to watch them!!!