Wednesday, January 8

8th: If you are going on the Confirmation Retreat on Monday/Tuesday, please turn your Research Project in on Monday. If you are going on Tuesday/Wednesday, it will be due on Tuesday before you leave. In reading, please read chapter 1 of Across Five Aprils. You will be given the opportunity to finish the work from today tomorrow but you will not be allowed to use your book. This is THE ONLY TIME I will let you redo your quizzes in my class. If you aren’t going to do the reading, you will fail the quizzes moving forward.

7th Grade: Research paper is due on Friday

6th Grade: How to Essay is due on Friday. Tomorrow we will go over my expectations for the SeeSaw videos. They will be due, uploaded to the SeeSaw app by midnight on the 14th. Dystopian/Utopian test will be on Friday.