Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Students have had a very hard time adjusting to being back in school.  4th grade missed their entire art class today for this reason.  Mrs. Redding said students came down to her classroom and were rude and disruptive.  Please remind your child of appropriate classroom behavior.  We are halfway through the school year, and students know what is expected of them.  They also know the consequences for making poor decisions.  Thank you!

Tests for the week of 1/6 (Friday)

  • Spelling Unit 16
  • Reading – Sounder Vocabulary for Chapter 4
  • English – Prepositions (finding them and the phrases)

Homework for 1/6

  • Reading- Finish Chapter 4 of Sounder
  • Religion – Finish workbook pg. 40.  Some students chose to turn theirs in today against my advice.  Please know they were allowed to take it home for homework.
  • Social Studies – Do worksheet on the Declaration of Independence.  Please follow my written directions closely to receive full credit.