Thursday 12/12

There are no math classes tomorrow so this is the last post for the week. Thank you all with your patience while my family gets back on track!

6th grade: study for test on Monday

7th grade: study for test on Monday. I found out that we don’t have class tomorrow after you guys left my class. We didn’t get to go over answers 17-20 here are the answers and if you have a questions, see me tomorrow..

17. 0 18. -1 19. 6x3y2 (x cubed and y squared) 20. 1 and 7/12. Sorry I don’t have many text options with this program ;D

8th grade: We don’t have class tomorrow or on Monday…so workbook 4.5 is due on Tuesday!! Have a fun time on your field trip.

Have a great weekend!! I will give a weekly update tomorrow or Monday. Remember to study!!

Mrs. McCarthy