Fri 12/6

I apologize that at times this page will not allow me to connect before I leave school. Please look at the previous day if needed as I try to do a “looking ahead” when I can.

May you have a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving! In keeping with my policy–no HW over breaks- except do some HOME work: students are to do something for the family and do it joyfully and in a timely manner! Peace–Mrs. T

Opening night PowerPoint

Thank you in advance for viewing this slide program if you have not seen it–it explains my partnership with parents and the expectations for teacher, parent, and student. There are notes in the notes section that reflect the talk that evening.

Study Tips

Here are some of my favorite study tips–start early:

  • Turn the objectives or What you will learn into “Can I….” questions to check for understanding.
  • Always use Previewing Technique for reading assignments and any worksheets!
  • Preview workbook pages before reading the section and “take notes” by filling in the science workbook pages.
  • Use the 2/3,1/3 method for definitions (modeled in class)
  • Use index cards to create vocab study cards. Use them to make a written quiz for yourself; First put word side up and write the definitions. Then put definitions side up and retest the opposite way.

UPCOMING TESTS/Projects: Vocabulary: 6,7,8: Spelling less 10 , Voc 9&10 Mon 12/9 Sci 8 Tues 12/10

Please help ensure your student is checking the webpage and doing all work–especially when absent. It is their responsibility to make-up missed work and to follow up and ask for work.

HOMEROOM: Be looking for info on our Christmas Child we sponsor. Also, words for our Christmas Program were given out today. Students need to memorize these asap! Thanks.

Gr 6, 7 & 8 Vocabulary /Spelling Lesson 10 spelling test Mon 12/9 Less 9 & 10 Voc test Mon 12/9

I highly urge students to use Quizlet to study for the vocabulary tests. I explained this in class and how to access already created Quizlets: Google Quizlet lesson (#) Vocabulary for Achievement Introductory or First Course , etc and you will find Quizlets already made that you can use.


Gr 7 SCI   Cell model kits to be given this week and partners will prepare for interview assessments ( each individual to be tested) Please be studying script and use pictures from the book.

Gr 8 Sci Visualizing Main ideas p 485 and Review pp 486-487 1-24 #25b bonus Due Friday, Test is Tues 12/10

Be sure you know how to do Lewis dot diagrams, tell if a compound is metallic, ionic , or covalent bonding and explain how you decided.Know the properties of metals, nonmetals, metalliods and relate them to the bonding. Know atom, element,molecule, compound, diatomic molecules, polar molecules, add atoms in a compound or more than 1 molecule of a compound. Go over your review and your workbook. Read the text chapter again for understanding. USE ACTIVE STUDY techniques–looking it over is not studying!! Calling it off is not enough–write, write, write some more!