Thursday 12/5

All written homework is due on Monday!! Work hard and quietly for Mrs. Kelly tomorrow 🙂

6th grade: Read and practice set for lesson 39. Tomorrow you will finish investigation 4 and do the reteaching worksheet. Whatever you do not finish in class is homework 🙂 Work hard and quietly and you should finish.

7th grade: Read and practice set for lesson 44. Tomorrow we have a short class so your work is the functions review worksheet and translating algebraic sentences into expressions. Please finish this for homework if you do not in class.

8th grade: You have a quiz tomorrow on 4.1-4.4. It is 10 questions. Your homework is to study and finish 4.4 workbook evens. Tomorrow after your quiz you are to work on 4.5 read and guided practice. Please have this finished for Monday.

Thank you all for your patience, thoughts and prayers. They are truly appreciated by me and my family 🙂

Mrs. McCarthy