Friday, November 15

8th Grade news:

Next week is Spirit Week!! Monday: Neon Day, Tuesday: Senior Citizen/baby day, Wednesday: Pajama Day (no robes, slippers or stuffed animals), Thursday: Holiday Mashup, Dress in your favorite holiday gear!! and Friday: Spirit Day: Show your SJS pride by wearing all your burgundy and white gear! Get ready for an awesome pep rally!!

8th Grade’s last day of school will be Thursday, May 28th. Graduation will be on Monday, June 1st. More details will come out in a few months.

Important Dates for SMR:

I will be administering the High School Placement for St. Mary’s Rylen on November 20th. Follow the link above to register. Please send in your confirmation so that I know how many kids will be taking the test.


8th Grade: The final draft of the descriptive paragraph is due tomorrow. In your journal, respond to this (it will be due on Monday):

Do you have any symbols that are precious to you? Like a charm, an object, a special gift, etc. What do they represent to you? How do they help you? If you don’t personally have any, write about someone you know who does or a movie/book where an object was extremely symbolic

7th Grade: Your 7 Riddles to Nowhere “test” questions are due on Tuesday. Remember to use the RACE strategy (when applicable) when answering the questions.

6th Grade: none