Friday 11/15

6th grade: Finish reading and practice set for lesson 31 if you did not finish after the test today. This week we spent time working on the coordinate plane and reviewing lessons 35-30 for the test we took on Friday. Next week we will review all about decimals and operations with decimal, the metric system and prepare for test 7 before Thanksgiving break.

7th grade: No homework; we will begin lesson 36 together on Monday. This week we spent time on comparing with ratios, transformations, similar and congruent shapes and probability as well as review for test 7. Next week we will learn all about circles, area of polygons and prepare for test 8 before Thanksgiving break.

8th grade: Finish quiz 3 bonus work. This week we reviewed linear equations and how to graph them as we prepared for our Chapter 3 test. Next week we will begin chapter 4 and prepare for our next test before Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. McCarthy