Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019

  • AR contracts came home yesterday. Please return them by Monday. I see that some students are already close to their goals so we may have to raise them! This is exciting!
  • Science study guides were sent to everyone yesterday via e-mail.
  • For the math test tomorrow, students should review the 6B practice test they did and reviewed in class on Tuesday. Some students told me they didn’t know where their practice test was so I printed out another one for them to study this evening. I normally do not do this, but I was out on Tuesday so I understand if there was some confusion. Please remember the practice test is virtually identical to the real test so it’s important to review it with your child this evening. Please pay close attention to writing addition as multiplication, as well as practicing word problems.

Tests for the week of 11/11

  • Math – Cumulative up to Lesson 35 and Power Up (subtraction)
  • Science – Chapter 2, Lesson 4 (Open Book)
  • Sounder Vocabulary for Chapter 1 Only (Sounder Vocabulary tests consist of matching and fill in the blank.)

Homework for 11/13

  • Science worksheet