Wednesday 11/6

Parents…Reminder on Monday we have our Veterans Day and Honors assemblies! Hope to see you there 🙂 Thank you to our Veterans for your service and Congratulations to our Honor Roll students and Extraordinary Eagles!!!

7th grade: Read and practice set for Lesson 33.

6th grade: Read and practice set for Lesson 30. Tomorrow you will have a study guide to do over the weekend, your test will be on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the amount of time we have in class on Monday with the Veterans Day Assembly and Honors Assembly.

8th grade: This is an update from class.. it was posted on your board and I announced it in end of day homeroom but just in case…Read 3.7 completing the guided practice questions as you go. Also please copy the “In your notebook” sections into your notebook in the classwork section. We will review 3.7 tomorrow. **No Quiz Tomorrow**

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns 🙂

Mrs. McCarthy