Friday 10/25

6th grade: I know we didn’t get to go over Lesson 26..just be sure you have the practice set complete and we will go over it on Monday. So as to not fall behind, and so that we can have a fun day on Thursday (Halloween) please read and do the practice set for lesson 27. We will go over both on Monday and do a couple of worksheets to be sure everyone is on board 🙂

7th grade: wow that was a fast class today!! For homework please read and do the practice set for Lesson 30. We will review it on Monday.

8th grade: For additional practice of 3.4, complete the odd numbers in your workbook, using what we went over today in class. Remember to build on what you already know and keep it simple one step at a time!!

Please email me if you need any help. Ask away and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. Use your resources and look at your book and the examples that are given to you. Remember to write a question for the problems that give you a hard time and don’t tell me it’s “all of it” or “I don’t understand any of it” Try your best!! Remember the mindset sentence in the front of the classroom that says…I will embrace challenge. Embrace the challenge, and tackle it head on. What is the problem asking you, what information do you have, make a plan and execute it. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. McCarthy