October 7-11

ReadingWe will start Unit 2: The Three Bears.  We will continue practicing the alphabet and writing our names.  We will practice writing letters Aa-Dd this week. We continue letter recognition and letter sounds.

Math- We will be practicing counting to twenty using manipulatives. We will continue to learn the parts of the calendar (days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, and tomorrow).  We are practicing recognizing and counting to 20. We will be practicing drawing our shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, and oval).  We will practice writing our numbers 0-5.

Religion– We will introduce Lesson 5: Love Others as God Loves You.  We will continue to practice our prayers the Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Hail Mary and The Our Father.

Science- We will continue talking about the signs of Fall. Have your child bring any signs of Fall they may see around the house. We will be taking a nature walk to see if we see any signs of fall. Students will be exploring the different sizes of pumpkins in the science center while weighing and measuring them. We will continue learning how many seasons are in a year and what the four seasons are.  We will talk about how we dress our weather bear during each season.

Social Studies-We will be talking about fire safety.  Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department will be coming for a visit on Tuesday, October 8.


*Monday, October 14– Forest Halls Farms Field Trip

*Wednesday, October 16– Grandparent’s Day

*Please remember library books are due on Wednesdays.  You may have your child turn in their library book earlier if you would like.

*Please label all your child’s belongings.

*I know rest time can be challenging for the students who do not take naps any more. Students may have one stuffed animal that does not make noise and/or a book for rest time. 

*Please check your child’s folder daily.