Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Feast of the Guardian Angels (We pray this pray every morning!)

Angel of God,

My Guardian dear,

To Whom God’s love,

Commits me here,

Ever this day be at my side.

To light and guard,

To rule and guide.


Kona Ice!!!

Your child will come home with a Kona Ice order form today.  All payments are due no later than this Friday, Oct. 4, which is our Kona IceDay.  There are no IOU payments.  Complete the order form, include CASH, tuck in an envelope labeled with your student’s name, grade & KONA ICE, and return to school.

Upcoming Dates

  • 10/4 Spaghetti Dinner
  • 10/4 4th grade mass (You’ll be notified if your child has a role.)
  • 10/4 Kona Ice
  • 10/16 Early Dismissal and Grandparent’s Day

Tests for the week of 9/30

  • Science – Chapter 1, Lesson 4 (This has been moved to next Tuesday 10/8)
  • Religion – Chapter 5
  • Math – Subtraction Power Up and Cumulative Test on Lessons 1-15

Homework for 10/2

  • Math – Lesson Practice, pg. 113, a-h and Written Practice, #6 only 4th grade is working on Elapsed Time. I am finding that some 4th graders do not even know how to tell time by an analog clock. PLEASE practice this at home with your child. Children should know how to read a clock by 4th grade. In addition, if they can’t read a clock, they will be highly unsuccessful at elapsed time!
  • English – worksheet on Direct Quotations Please follow the directions! Rewrite each sentence. Make sure I can clearly see where the comma and quotation marks are placed (i.e., don’t make it look like the quotation mark is directly on top of the comma).
  • Science – OPTIONAL study guide is due tomorrow.