Thursday 9/19

6th grade: Read and practice set for lesson 15. You will have a test next week on Thursday

7th grade: Read and practice set for lesson 15 and WP evens stars. You will have a test on Tuesday.

8th grade: You have a test on Monday! Use your chapter test from your text book and you can use test review in your text book on pages 61-63 for practice questions, remember you do not need 1.6.

8th: Topics on your test include: evaluating expressions, writing the power as a product, translating verbal phrases into an algebraic expression, equations, or inequalities, is the given number a solution to the equation or inequality, determine if the pairing is a function, making a function table and identifying the domain and the range, graphing the function given the function table.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know 🙂

Enjoy the Fair!!

Mrs. McCarthy