Tuesday, September 17

8th Grade News:

The Ryken Shadow day for 8th grade is on Tuesday, October 15th.

Important Dates for SMR: https://www.smrhs.org/admissions/learn/application-timeline

I will be administering the High School Placement for St. Mary’s Rylen on November 30th. Follow the link above to register. Please send in your confirmation so that I know how many kids will be taking the test.


8th Grade: We have Scantron tomorrow morning. Please make sure you get good sleep and have a nice balanced breakfast in the morning. Finish reading chapters 6, 7, 8 & 9 of Unbroken for Thursday

7th Grade: Finish One Crazy Summer classwork if you did not finish. Due tomorrow.

6th Grade: Finish classwork if it was not completed in class. Finish noun worksheet if you didn’t finish in class. Overall, nice job on your Character Traits quiz…you guys did a great job!!!