Thursday, September 12, 2019

Upcoming Dates

  • 9/17 Elm’s
  • 9/19 Early Dismissal Day
  • 9/20 Fair Day – Holiday for students
  • 10/16 Grandparent’s Day

Tests for the week of 9/9 (Friday)

  • Spelling Unit 3
  • Math – Cumulative test on Lessons 1-5 and addition Power Up (timed test)
  • English – Subjects and Predicates (Please refer to Reader’s Workbook pg. 7 and 8 to study for Friday’s test. Student’s will only be tested on Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates, but they will eventually be tested on Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates. If students can find the verb in each sentence, they have already conquered half of it. The verb is the predicate.)

Homework for 9/12

Homework is light tonight thanks to Scantron!

  • Spelling – Spelling City is due Friday. Students have a user name and password in their homework planners. The assignment is a Word Scramble and will be found when the student logs in. Please note that Spelling City has a cut off time. If a student does not complete the assignment by Friday, they will receive a zero for the assignment. If for some reason you have any problems logging in or difficulties with internet, you must send me a note or e-mail by Friday.