Thursday, 8/29

8th Grade Homeroom: The Ryken Shadow day for 8th grade is on Tuesday, October 15th. More information will be communicated soon.

All grades: Please look over the Procedures sheet that I sent home on Tuesday. The second page needs to be filled out and signed by your parent/guardian AND signed by you! This sheet needs to be sent back to me by Friday. I have a handful of students who have not returned this to class.

All Booklists for the year have been sent home. All 3 grades will begin their novel studies on Wednesday of next week and it is my expectation that they have the book with them then.

7th and 8th grade: The independent book list with the project choices have been gone over and sent home today. These projects are due October 17th.

6th Grade: We will be going over the independent book list and project choices tomorrow and the list will come home then. Your project is due on October 17th as well.