Homework 5/31

This is our last night of homework!!! Yay!! Both 6th and 7th have a take home test this weekend. This test is special because I am allowing you to use all of your resources including but not limited to: a calculator, your book, your reteaching sheets and homework to complete it. But there are also some rules 🙂

Show all of your work. I am aware all of the answers may be online…in order to be sure everyone knows the material I am asking for all work to be shown to receive credit. You may use another piece of paper, please just be sure to number your work.

There is no partial credit. You may use a calculator to check your calculations so all should be correct.

Please be neat and circle your answers.

You must label all of your answers.

Take your time and check your work 🙂

You must bring this test to class with a red pen on Monday. No excuses or it is a zero. There will be bonus work to do on Monday in class 🙂

Good Luck and please email me with any questions. I will be checking my email periodically throughout the weekend!! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. McCarthy