8th grade: Field trip 5/23. An order form was sent home yesterday for lunch that will be delivered to Terrapin Adventures. Please fill out and send in CASH for each person. I will be using some of this money to purchase snacks and drinks at BJ’s for the class.

Liability Waiver’s must be signed to participate in the day’s events. An email with the link was sent home today.

8th grade’s last day is May 30. They will receive their cap and gown this day and have their walk of pride. I will update a time when I have one.

8th grade breakfast is 6/3 at 9:00 am. If you have not RSVP’d for the number of parents, grandparents and older siblings attending, please do so ASAP

8th grade graduation mass is at 6:30 pm on 6/3


6th grade: Island of the Blue Dolphins tear on Monday. 4 chapters of your informational book should be written in draft form by Monday.

7th grade: I am Malala test on Monday.

8th grade:

Finish The Outsiders. Work on Poetry project. It is Due on 5/24