8th grade: Field trips 5/15 and 5/23.

Safety Patrol Field Trip is TOMORROW. We will be providing lunch, drinks and snacks. Please wear your safety patrol shirt and comfortable bottoms. You MUST wear tennis shoes or you won’t be allowed to participate. Remember we will be arriving back to school ~4:00 and you will need to be picked up upon our return.

May Procession is 5/17

8th grade last day is 5/30

8th breakfast is 6/3 at 9:00

8th grade graduation mass and reception 6/3 at 6:30 pm


6th grade: packet it due tomorrow. Test on Monday May 20

You should have 3 chapters of your book drafted by Wednesday

7th grade: Personification poem is due tomorrow. Your flashcards are due on Thursday

8th: poetry project is due on May 24th at the beginning of the day.