April 29-May 3

Spelling: (Mon-Wed): complete Tic, Tac, Toe wksheet (due Friday, 4/5)

*** Spelling (words with “ar” spellings)

Math: All math homework is due the next day

Monday- 115 FACT homework & 115B homework

Tuesday- 116B FACT homework & 116B homework

Wednesday- 117 FACT homework & 117B homework

Thursday-118B FACT homework & 118B homework

Friday – math assessment

Religion resource book: (Tues-Thurs): complete pp55-57; books due on Friday 5/3


  1. We’ll have our school Talent Show on Friday, May 3 from 1:00-2:30.
  2. Show & Tell “Careers” presentations May 6-21 (project assignment dates will be on the May class calendar).
  3. Upcoming field trips on May 15 (Blue Crabs game), May 22 (Shlagel Strawberry Farm) and May 31 (Chick Fil-a, Weis, Sweet Frog).