Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I do not want anyone to bring a book bag tomorrow! Any homework assigned tonight is due on Friday. Tomorrow, students should be in regular uniform (However, they may wear sneakers), with only a bag lunch. It looks like the temperature will be in the 60s, but it will be chilly in morning so I am encouraging a light jacket or SJS zip jacket, sweatshirt or cardigan. Please do not have students come with a sweatshirt other than an SJS one. Students should have a neat and tidy appearance for this trip. I am providing goldfish and water for a morning snack.

Tests for the week of 4/1

Reading – Chapters 1 and 2 of Bridge to Terabithia, Vocabulary and Comprehension

Spelling Unit 27

Science, Chapter 6, Lesson 1

Homework for 4/3 (due 4/5)

Science – worksheet

Math – Written Practice, pg. 560-562, 1-30 odd

Spelling- Spelling City for Unit 27

Reading – Finish Reading Chapter 2 of Bridge to Terabithia