Tues 3/26

If your child has lower test scores, please encourage ACTIVE studying, not “looking it over”. This can dramatically increase performance. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of completing all homework thoughtfully…not rushing through it just to get it done. Thank you. Mrs. Taylor

Study Tips

Here are some of my favorite study tips–start early:

  • Turn the objectives or What you will learn into “Can I….” questions to check for understanding.
  • Always use Previewing Technique for reading assignments and any worksheets!
  • Preview workbook pages before reading the section and “take notes” by filling in the science workbook pages.
  • Use the 2/3,1/3 method for definitions (modeled in class)
  • Use index cards to create vocab study cards. Use them to make a written quiz for yourself; First put word side up and write the definitions. Then put definitions side up and retest the opposite way.

UPCOMING TESTS/Projects: 6,7, Spelling Less 19 Mon 3/25  Note: 8th will be Fri 3/29

Gr 6 Sci

Gr 8 Sci Mon 3/25 ( this is a change)

Gr 7 Sci  

Opening night PowerPoint

Thank you in advance for viewing this slide program if you have not seen it–it explains my partnership with parents and the expectations for teacher, parent, and student. There are notes in the notes section that reflect the talk that evening.

Homeroom: Don’t forget to order your yearbook on line!! See the bulletin for info. Please help ensure your student is checking the webpage and doing all work–especially when absent. It is their responsibility to make-up missed work and to follow up and ask for work.

VOCAB / SPELLING/ GR 6, 7 , & 8

Grades 6,7,8 Spelling: Extra words: presentation and attitude Less 19 due Fri 3/22 Spelling test Mon 3/25 for Gr 6 & 7 Fri 3/29 for Gr 8 Also, sure all items have been made-up from absences and missing HW!

Gr 6 Sci – Workbook sect 3 , Stars and galaxies, due Tues. We had some class time for this. Also, sure all items have been made-up from absences and missing HW!

Gr 7 Sci Read sect 3 p–p544-547 Do wkbk 216-217 Due Thursday. Remainder due on Friday.

Gr 8 Science: Read text pp 580-584 Do Workbook pp 218-220  due Friday 3/29

Link for momentum lab– http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/science/virtual_labs/E24/E24.html

Link for work lab- http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/science/virtual_labs/E13/E13.html

Be sure the Sample acceleration problems are completed  ( 2 sample problems on p 559 and the 2 put on the board) If you were not here those problems are:

What is the net force on a 100Kg elevator accelerating at 2 m/s/s?

What net force is needed to accelerate a 55 Kg cart at 15 m/s/s?