March 25-29

Spelling: (Mon-Wed): complete Tic, Tac, Toe wksheet (due Friday, 3/29)

*** Spelling (words with double consonant spellings)

Math: All math homework is due the next day

Monday- 98BFACT homework & 98B homework

Tuesday- 99 FACT homework & 99B homework

Wednesday- 101B FACT homework & 101B homework

Thursday-102B FACT homework & 102B homework

Friday – math assessment

Religion resource book: (Tues-Thurs): complete pp49-51; books due on Friday 3/22


  1. All students will enjoy a FREE pizza lunch on Wednesday, March 27, courtesy of the Blue Crabs! SJS won the Pinch Reading Program contest.
  2. Send in your pantry items for the Safety Patrol Food Drive from March 20-April 5.
  3. Show & Tell “Homes Around the World” presentations April 1-16 (project assignment dates were emailed). There is no Show & Tell in March.
  4. Join us each at 2:15 each week for stations of the cross. Grades will take turns attending stations each week.