Homework 2/11

7th grade: Review your study guide #1-11 and write down any questions you have, we will go over 12-20 tomorrow in class. Parents, the test will now be on Wednesday.

6th Grade: We reviewed lesson 51 rounding decimals today in class. Finish the reteaching worksheet I gave you today in class and do the lesson 51 practice set .

8th grade: Today Mrs. McDonough went over some of the problems on your math test and gave you some extra practice in class. Tomorrow we will start test corrections if you finished the test. Those of you that did not finish or were absent can take your test tomorrow and I can stay in for recess if you need extra time. Parents, please be on the lookout for an email from me regarding 8th grade in the next day or so. There is no additional homework to be turned in tomorrow.

I apologize for the last post. Have a great night!

Mrs. McCarthy