Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s Web Page

It’s my goal to post helpful info,important reminders, and homework for ALL my classes on this page.


Your student should be maintaining a homework agenda, writing down HW at school. I do post HW and some important reminders daily on this web page so that HW can be confirmed, and also, so that absent students can obtain assignments. Thanks.

If your child has lower test scores, please encourage ACTIVE studying, not “looking it over”. This can dramatically increase performance. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of completing all homework thoughtfully…not rushing through it just to get it done. Thank you. Mrs. Taylor

Study Tips

Here are some of my favorite study tips–start early:

  • Turn the objectives or What you will learn into “Can I….” questions to check for understanding.
  • Always use Previewing Technique for reading assignments and any worksheets!
  • Preview workbook pages before reading the section and “take notes” by filling in the science workbook pages.
  • Use the 2/3,1/3 method for definitions (modeled in class)
  • Use index cards to create vocab study cards. Use them to make a written quiz for yourself; First put word side up and write the definitions. Then put definitions side up and retest the opposite way.

UPCOMING TESTS/Projects: 6,7,8 Spelling Less 15 Mon 2/11

Opening night PowerPoint

Thank you in advance for viewing this slide program if you have not seen it–it explains my partnership with parents and the expectations for teacher, parent, and student. There are notes in the notes section that reflect the talk that evening.

Homeroom: Thank you for the expressions of teacher appreciation!

VOCAB / SPELLING/ GR 6, 7 , & 8

Grades 6,7,8: Lesson 15 due Friday Feb 8 Spelling Test Monday Feb 11th Extra words: outline supervise

test Monday Feb 5th Extra words: velocity displacement

Gr 6 Sci – On looseleaf or typed, text p 413 do numbers 1-4 in complete sentences that incorporate the question. Also answer the following: Explain why we put telescopes into space ( Hint: Advantages of this?)


Gr 7 Sci – Finish the “What the Heck is Phenotype or Genotype worksheet. Be sure to complete the 4 Punnett squares and tell the phenotype for each genotype resulting in the punnett square. -Quiz on Fri

Gr 8 Science: Complete the graph for today’s lab. Then write a correct conclusion. Due Wed