January 17 – 23rd

Good afternoon Parents and Students! Just a little update as to where we are for the rest of the quarter.

There is no homework for classes tonight!

Friday 1/18: I will not be at school and Mrs. Smith will be your substitute. Each class will complete a study guide for the next test. These need to be complted by Tuesday so you will have to finish them for homework if you do not finish them in class.

Monday 1/21: we are off.

Tuesday 1/22: We will go over the study guide in each class.

Wednesday 1/23: All classes will have a test. The test grades will count towards the second quarter since they would have counted had we been in school the past few days and I feel that will give everyone a chance to boost their grade one more time.

Please use your class time wisely and use the study guide as a way to prepare for your test.

Any questions or concerns please send me an email as I will be checking them over the long weekend.

Have a great night!

Mrs. McCarthy