Jan. 7-11

Spelling: (Mon-Wed): complete Tic, Tac, Toe wksheet (due Friday, 1/11)

*** Spelling (“aw” spelled as an “a” and “o”)

Math: (math hmwk due the next day)

  • Monday-61B FACT homework & 61B homework
  • Tuesday- 62B FACT homework & 62B homework
  • Wednesday- 63 FACT homework & 63B homework
  • Thursday-64B FACT homework & 64B homework
  • Friday – math assessment

Religion resource book: (Tues-Thurs): complete pp40-42; books due on Friday 1/11


  1. Show & Tell “Inventions” presentations Jan. 7-23 (January class calendar).
  2. January READO and reading log were due on last week.