Homework 12/14

Happy Friday! 

We have almost made it to Christmas break, but there is still 1 week left of classes. Parents can you please let me know if your student will not be here next Friday.  That would be super helpful. Thank you in advance! If you have an interim report, please return this form on Monday. Again, thank you in advance. Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

6th grade: Finish bonus work from our test today. I have not finished grading them but will have grades for you on Monday. 

7th grade: Work on your rough draft for your tiny house. Be sure you have all the requirements! This link will give you a blank copy of your rough draft template (just in case you need another one) and some slides of examples of walls and a base.

tiny house help

Be sure to look in your packet for more help. Remember you need a ‘bird’s eye’ view from the top and pretend you are looking in a window for the walls. Also be sure your pieces line up, for example, the front of the stove on the wall is above of the stove top on the base. Please email me any questions..I am happy to help. 

8th grade: Fill out your Reflection worksheets. In class on Monday we will talk about them. 


Have a great weekend! Go SJS Eagles! 

Mrs. McCarthy