Homework 12/12

Great job last night to all the students!!

6th: Complete study guide 8A and your test will be on Friday.  Keep up the good work.

7th: Complete lesson 36 practice set.  Also please read lesson 37 so you are ready to do the practice set tomorrow in class.  There were too many interruptions in class today. We have to push through so we have time to create our tiny houses before the break.  Otherwise we may have to wait until after break.  Choice is yours…

8th Grade: Complete the dining out and TIPS worksheet. You must fill out the front page and the attached page.  Only use the back of the first page if for your menu you went out to eat more than once.  Please if you are in chorus do this tonight!!  I know we do not have class tomorrow but there is a concert tomorrow night.  This activity is due for everyone on Friday at the start of class.  Have a fun time tomorrow!! 

Have a great night!

Mrs. McCarthy