November 16

Parents,  please check in with your students to see if they need a refill of supplies.  I have had many students needing pencils and paper for class.  Being unprepared for class is a demerit and I would hate to have to give out demerits for lack of supplies. Students please check in with your parents if you need supplies!  

7th and 8th: Please have you test corrections to be turned in tomorrow if you did not finish them in class. Please remember your corrections need to be on a separate piece of loose leaf or saxon paper. It must have the original problem, all of your work and the new answer clearly identified.  You must reduce when you can and you must label  your answers.  These corrections are worth 50% of the points you lost.

6th: No corrections were needed 🙂  You do not have homework!

Any questions or concerns please let me know.

Mrs. McCarthy