Tuesday, November 13, 2018

This week is Spirit Week!

Wednesday  – Western Wednesday

Thursday – Color Thursday (4th wears Green)

Friday – Spirit Day! (Pep Rally at 10)

Tests for the week of 11/12

Reading – Sounder Chapter 1, Comprehension and Vocabulary

Math – Cumulative and Power Up Addition

Homework for 11/12

Spelling City is due Thursday (2 assignments for Unit 11)

Social Studies – Each student was assigned a specific question to do on pg. 99.  Questions should be written in complete sentences or a zero will be given, regardless of correctness. 

0 points – Student did not do assignment or did not answer the question.

3 points – Student answered half of the question or a portion of it.

6 points – Student answered the question in its entirety and in a complete sentence/sentences.

English – Students will need to brainstorm 5 (or more) different reasons as to why turkeys should not be eaten on Thanksgiving.  The brainstorming is not in paragraph form.  We will work on our rough draft paragraph tomorrow. This week’s writing assignment is asking students to “become a turkey” and write a persuasive writing on why they shouldn’t be eaten at Thanksgiving!