Tarea 11 de noviembre 2018

Important information

As we begin the 2nd Quarter please make sure you study daily.  Use the links to study the numbers or create a Quizlet.  This week  7th & 8th grade will be focusing on Introductions.  Grades 5th 7 6th will continue with Greetings/Goodbyes.  Please study ALL vocabulary associated with this lesson.

Helpful links

Numbers 0-100





Greetings & Goodbyes


5th & 6th Grade

Study the Greetings & Goodbyes graphic organizer

7th & 8th Grade

How would you introduce these people? Answer in complete sentences.  You will need to use your notes from class.

Modelo:   Your classmate Antonio.

   Éste es Antonia.  Él es mi compaÑero de clase.

  1. your best friend Ana
  2. your best friend Juan
  3. your classmate Enrique
  4. your classmate Luisa
  5. your Spanish teacher
  6. yourself