November 5-9

November 5-9

Good Afternoon!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

It is time for Teacher/Parent Conferences!  If you have not heard from me that means I do not have any concerns with your child at this time.  I would be happy to meet with any parent who feels they need to schedule a conference with me.

*FYI- Pre-K and Kindergarten only receive report cards 2nd and 4th marking periods.

I know rest time can be challenging for the students who do not take naps any more. Students may have one stuffed animal that does not make noise and/or a book for rest time.

Now that we are in November, students who receive a blue or a purple on their behavior calendar will get a sticker for that day and be able to go to the treasure box on Fridays.

Here is what we will be doing in Pre-K this week ?.

Reading We will introduce Unit 4, “The Elves and the Shoemaker.”   We will continue letter and sound recognition. In this unit we will learn positional words such as top, middle, and bottom.  This unit focuses on parts of whole.  Pre-K will see there are parts needed to make a whole. For example, a shoe is a whole. The shoe strings, the sole, the tongue are parts of a shoe.  Without those parts you would not have a shoe.

Math- We will be learning how to make AB color patterns (Ex. red, blue, red, blue).   We will continue to learn the parts of the calendar (days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, and tomorrow).  We will be using manipulatives to count objects to 20.   We will continue with drawing shapes and recognizing how many sides each shape has.  We will be practicing writing the numbers 1-5.

Religion– We will start with Lesson 7: Wrong Choices-Hurt Ourselves and Others. We will be learning the “Guardian Angel” prayer this week. We will continue to practice the Our Father, the Sign of the Cross, the Glory Be, and genuflecting.





*Thursday, November 8– Early Dismissal- 12:55pm.

*Friday, November 9– No school

*Monday, November 12– Veteran’s Day program- (10am) All grades will be singing a song. Come and join us!!

*Please remember library books are due on Mondays.  If your child finishes their book before the following Monday, they may return it earlier.

*Please check your child’s folder daily.

*We do provide snack every day, but if you choose to send a snack from home, please label the item as snack or put into a separate lunch box.  Some children are thinking they can eat their lunch for snack.