Week of Oct. 22

Happy Monday!

This is a fun and exciting week with no homework tonight! Jacob Crane, a 3rd grader, won Principal for the Day and has requested the whole school have no homework tonight! Hope all the students enjoy!
This week there will be no spelling due to the field trip Wednesday and no school Friday. Please take note that there will be no school this Friday!
Wednesday will be our rescheduled field trip to Bowles Farms. Students do not need a lunch, it is covered in their fee. This does not apply to parents- chaperones will need to purchase their own lunch! Students may wear their PE uniform to the trip. Chaperones are asked to either follow the bus or meet at Bowles Farms. We will get there around 1015 am and depart around 2pm.  The weather is looking great to pick some pumpkins!
Book Reports are due on Oct. 29th, with a presentation to the 1st grade on Halloween. Second grade will celebrate their Halloween party on Oct 31 from 1-2pm.
Thank you to all who have volunteered to help with reading groups on Tuesday! It means the world to be able to have small groups to individually work with each child.
Lilly Wathen was chosen to take The Lady of Fatima home this week!!!
Have a wonderful week!
Brittany Buzzeo