Monday, October 8, 2018

Grandparents Day is this Wednesday, 10/10.  Please see today’s e-mail for more information!

Tests for the week of 10/8 (Tests will be on Friday)

Religion – Chapter 6 (open book)

English – Test on linking, helping, and main verbs

Math – Power Up, Basic subtraction facts

Science – Make-up science tests are due Thursday.  No exceptions!

Homework for 10/8

Spelling – finish pg. 48-49 (most students finished this in class)

Math – Do Reteaching 21.  This is a simple assignment, but I will be checking for completion and accuracy of shapes, as well as correct direction following.

Social Studies – In your notebook, complete the answer for the question assigned to you on pg. 63.

English – Students must complete both sides of the Grandparent questionnaire and have an adult edit it to receive their 14 points!