October 2nd

A note about homework – if you do not have your homework for the start of class it is a demerit.  I have had several students in each class come to class, unprepared to participate in class, because they do not have their homework. Not having homework at the start of class is a demerit for missing work.  

Parents, if life is a little crazy, and your child is unable to complete the work,  I can completely understand.  Please send me an email and just let me know. Your student will still be required to complete the work however I will not issue the demerit for missing homework. Thank you so much for your assistance and I appreciate your support and participation in your student’s learning. 

7th: Read Lesson 17 and complete the practice set on p. 117-118.  You will need a protractor for homework and for class tomorrow.

8th: Read Lesson 17 and complete the practice set on page 96. Please bring your protractor to class tomorrow. You will need it for homework tomorrow night. 

6th: Read Lesson 18 and complete the practice set on page 96


Please email any questions or concerns 🙂

Have a great day!

Mrs. McCarthy