Thursday 9/27

Students: Thank you so much for your birthday wishes.  I enjoyed the serenade into the lunchroom 🙂

Homework tonight:

7th: Check your answers by clicking on the link below for study guide 3A. Email me if you have any questions, but since no one had question while we were going over it in class – I want you to use your book and ask me as a last resort. 🙂 Test tomorrow is on 3B.

3A study guide

6th: We had a chance to go over the study guide in class, your homework is to study for test 3B tomorrow.

8th: Finish 2B. If you are already finished, you do not have homework tonight.

Parents:  Thank you so much for your patience while I was at a training course over these last 2 days. The students are yes, taking another test.  The test they are taking tomorrow is test 3.  Test 3 is for lessons 11-15.  Test 2 they took on Wednesday and Today (8th) was a review.  The story is long, but I am trying to keep them on track is the short version.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me via email.  I will be checking email as often today as I can.

Code word: Birthday 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!

Mrs. McCarthy