8th Grade Homeroom

***There is no hot lunch tomorrow so please pack a lunch***

I have created a Facebook group for our class.  It is a closed group where I will post pictures of the fun things we are doing at school.  If you would like to join the group, please look for Mrs. Engel’s 8th Grade.  This is just for parents/guardians.

***Mandatory Confirmation Meeting on Oct. 1 in the church at 7:00.***

6th Grade:

For Homework:

Reading: None 

English: Finish the Wednesday AND Thursday section of your POW (Paragraph of the Week).  Due Tomorrow.  Make sure you are paying attention to your topic sentence!  Make it a good one!!!!


7th Grade: Reading: Find the analogy that C.S. Lewis used to explain the difference between Uncle Andrew and Jadis.  What do you think this analogy means?  What page did you find it on?

English: Finish your 2nd draft of your essay. Due tomorrow

8th Grade:   Chapters 9-11 Quiz on Monday  If you didn’t finish the writing assignment from this morning, here are the questions: 

A Single Bead Reflection

Throughout the beginning of the book, Kate does many things that go against her mother’s wishes.  Do you understand why? Do you agree with Kate’s decisions? Why or why not? Remembering that we should “Honor our mother and father”, do you think that Kate struggles when making the decisions to defy her mother’s wishes?