Tuesday, September 25, 2018

  • Scantron testing will resume tomorrow!  Please make sure students are well rested and well fed!

  • Progress Reports will go home next Monday, 10/1.

  • Don’t forget to join us this Friday for our Purse Bingo! Friday is a brown bag lunch day as a result of this.  There will be no hot lunch served on Friday.

  • In Social Studies today, students were given a study guide for their Chapter 2 test.  This study guide MUST BE WITH THEM EVERY DAY UNTIL FRIDAY.  I would like students to finish half of the study guide tonight and half of it tomorrow night and be ready to go over it on Thursday. The study guide is worth 20 points.

Tests for the week of 9/24

Homework for 9/25

Math – There is no written homework tonight.  Some students had a difficult time with today’s math lesson on subtracting using variables.  Please go over that with your children this evening (Reteaching 16).

Religion – workbook pg. 16

Spelling – Students have had two days to complete workbook pg. 36-39.  If your student has all 4 pages left or most of all their pages, they did not follow directions or use their time wisely.  All four pages must be completed by tomorrow. 

Social Studies – Complete half, if not all of the study guide for Chapter 2.  The study guide is due on Thursday. 

English – 25 students need to study for their subject/predicate test retake tomorrow!