8th Grade Homeroom

Congratulations to 8th grader Zachary Engel was awarded 1st place at the middle school speech contest at the St. Mary’s County Fair   His topic was Living with Autism. 

***Mandatory Confirmation Meeting on Oct. 1 in the church at 7:00.***

6th Grade:

For Homework:

Reading: None 

English: Finish the Tuesday section of your POW (Paragraph of the week).  Due Thursday.  Make sure you are paying attention to your topic sentence!  Make it a good one!!!!


7th Grade:

In your reading notebook, please answer the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES.  Failure to follow directions will result in a lower grade.


  1. What things do we learn about Charn and its history, both in this chapter and in the previous chapter? What things are we told directly and what can we infer? What would living in this society be like?
  2. Jadis describes what the sounds of Charn during the time of peace was like. List the things that she could hear. What other things would she have been likely to hear?

8th Grade:  Rework your rough draft using the recommendations given in class today (due tomorrow)

Read chapters 9-11 in A Single Bead