Week of September 24th

What a Monday!!  Since I will be out for the next couple of days for training, the students will have work to do in class.  I am so grateful for my co-workers as they will be covering for me over these next 2 days.

Tuesday – All classes are going to work on study guide 2A. These questions are from lessons 1-10 only!!  I will post the answers here tomorrow night.  For Homework: Students will use the web page to correct the study guide.  

Wednesday – All classes are going to work on test 2B as an open note/book  test. Students may use their book and study guide to complete the test.  Study guide and work paper, Test and test work paper are to be stapled together and turned in before they leave class.  There is no homework tonight, but please see below!! 

Both days will offer an early finisher bonus worksheet which can be completed and turned in on Thursday.  This is extra credit work and you can receive up to 6 bonus points on your test. 

Code Word for Thursday is STUDY!!

Have a great night!! Please email any questions or concerns. I will be checking my email often over the next 2 days. Thank you!! 🙂

Mrs. McCarthy