September 24-28

September 24-28

Good Evening!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mrs. Kane and I are enjoying getting to know your children.  We have now been in school for 4 weeks.  Mrs. Kane and I will be really enforcing classroom rules and expectations.  We have been lenient while the children have been learning the Pre-K rules and expectations.  With that said, there might be some children that come home upset because they did receive their daily sticker and did not get to the treasure box this Friday.  This is normal, and they will be ok ?. I will email you or Mrs. Kane will write on their behavior calendar why they received a yellow or red.  The entire class did very well today with be fabulous listeners and staying on task and of course having fun at the same time!!

Here is what we will be doing in Pre-K this week ?.

Reading We will be finishing up with Unit 1, “Little Red Riding Hood”.  We will be practicing writing Aa and Bb.

Math- We will continue to learn the parts of the calendar (days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, and tomorrow).  We will be using manipulatives to count objects to 20.  We will be practicing writing the number 1 and 2 this week.

Religion– We will introduce Lesson 4: Actions and Attitudes-The Ten Commandments. The bible story we will be reading comes from Matthew 19:16-22, “The Rich Young Man.” We will continue to practice the Sign of the Cross, the Glory Be, and genuflecting.

Science– We are talking about the seasons of the year and that we are now in Fall.   We will be talking all about apples this week!!  We will be taste testing red, green, and yellow apples on Wednesday!!  We will graph everyone’s favorite apples!!?


*Friday,September 28– Please remember everyone must pack lunches.  There will be no lunch served due to the set up for Designer Purse and Basket Bingo.  We will eat lunch in our classrooms.


*Please remember library books are due on Mondays.  If your child finishes their book before the following Monday, they may return it earlier.

*Please consider donating to our class basket for Designer Bag Bingo. The theme is dogs and cat supplies and treats.

*Please check your child’s folder daily.

*We do provide snack every day, but if you choose to send a snack from home, please label the item as snack or put into a separate lunch box.  Some children are thinking they can eat their lunch for snack.

*Students should not be wearing sandals or flip flops to school.  This is considered unsafe and a uniform violation.