Tuesday, 9/18/18

  • Parents, please make sure you are actively involved in your child’s homework every evening.  Every child needs the extra eyes to help them check their work, make sure all directions are followed, etc.  

  • Reading Scantron will take place tomorrow morning!  Please make sure your child is well fed and well rested!

Tests for the week of 9/17 (Tests will be on Thursday.)

English – Subjects and Predicates

Reading – Vocabulary test for Stormalong

                    Open Book Comprehension test for Stormalong

Religion – Open book test for Chapter 3

Homework for 9/18

Math – worksheet

English – worksheet on subjects and predicates—-This worksheet will be given a completion grade.  Tomorrow the students and I will go over it to help them study for Thursday’s test.

Religion – Finish workbook pg. 9…Tonight is also a good night to study for your Chapter 3 test!