8th Grade Homeroom

***Mandatory Confirmation Meeting Monday, October 1 in the church.***

6th Grade:

-Advice for Auggie Assignment:

At the end of Part 1, Auggie feels completely betrayed by Jack. He says “I was pretty sure I would never go

back to school again” (80). Based on what you know about the characters, write what advice you

think they would give to Auggie about returning to school or about how to deal with the Jack situation.  Answer using complete sentences in your Literature/Reading spiral notebook. You won’t receive full credit if you do not follow directions.

Day 2 of this week’s Paragraph of the week needs to be complete.

7th Grade:  Finish the work you were given for chapters 3 and 4 and be prepared for a quiz on chapters 2-4

8th Grade: Please Bring your rough draft of your autobiography WITHOUT your name on it for our Read Around Groups tomorrow.