Monday, September 17, 2018

Happy Monday! 

  • Tomorrow is a tag day for students.  The cost is $2 per child or $5 per family.  On tag days, students are able to dress out of uniform, following the non-uniform code listed in the handbook.  

  • Parents, please make sure you are actively involved in your child’s homework every evening.  Every child needs the extra eyes to help them check their work, make sure all directions are followed, etc.  

Tests for the week of 9/17 (Tests will be on Thursday.)

English – Subjects and Predicates

Reading – Vocabulary test for Stormalong

                    Open Book Comprehension test for Stormalong

Religion – Open book test for Chapter 3

Homework for 9/17 

Math – pg. 69-70, #1-15

Reading – Complete Spelling City homework for Vocabulary Words for Stormalong  PLEASE NOTE:  Certain assignments for spelling city are graded based on completion, while others are graded based on correctness.  Please use your book to help you! When a percentage grade is given at the end of an assignment, it will be that grade which will be entered into the grade book. 

English – Do Reader’s workbook about Proper Nouns, pg. 55.  Please make sure I can read your handwriting or it will be wrong. Please follow all directions or it will be wrong!