Friday 9/14

I want to apologize for the confusing homework last night.  I apparently mixed up pages in each class and we are doing things a little different this year so it was all sorts of confusing for the students.

I want to give you all an inside look on how we are doing things in class this year.  In our book, each section has 5 lessons and sometimes and “investigation”. After these 5 lessons there is an assessment. I do give a study guide, which is another form of the test for students to do and we review as a class before each test.  Each day for homework, except for test and review days, I am going to have the students read a lesson that we have not gone over yet. After they read they are going to try their best and do the practice set for that same lesson. Then when they come to class they are going to collaborate with their table mates and discuss their answers. We will then go over these problems together and I will be sure to spot those who are struggling with the topic. We will also do either reteaching or “Written Practice” to reinforce the learned concept.  Then start all over again the next day.  It is imperative that students are reading the lesson, and try to use the book and what they have read to complete the practice set.  I often hear, “I understood it when you said it in class but I couldn’t get it at home.” My goal is to have them say it in class when we are discussing the problems. If you can repeat it and teach someone else, you have learned the skill.  It will take a couple of weeks to get into the flow and there will be some growing pains 🙂 but I am really excited for the students this year.

I also sent all the students home today with a web page, individual usernames and passwords for our online textbooks. The password is a temporary password that the students will be prompted to change with the first login. Students can create whatever password they choose, however please write it down. Should a student forget their password, please let me know and I can reset it.

With all that being said here is the homework tonight, due Monday:

8th Grade: Read Lesson 12 starting on p. 78. Complete the Practice set p. 82 a-u,  login to online textbook and get tests signed if you did not have it signed last night.

7th Grade: Be sure you have completed Lesson 11 Written Practice stars even numbers only. Read Lesson 12 starting on p. 82, complete the practice set on page 85, and login to the online textbook.

6th Grade: Be sure you have read Lesson 12 starting on p. 64, complete the practice set on page 66 and login to online textbook. 

If there are ever any questions please send me an email.  I told the students today if they have a question about the homework, they should send me an email with their name and “homework question” in the subject.  This lets me know it is the student sending me an email and it is urgent. I will try and answer it asap.

I hope this helps and I will repeat the class information for a couple of weeks until we get into the flow.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and support!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. McCarthy