Thursday, September 13, 2018

  • Please return signed AR contracts tomorrow.

  • Please remember to contribute to the 4th grade Designer Purse Bingo Basket.  Our basket theme is Movie Night.  Thank you for your donations.

  • Wednesday folders cam home yesterday.  They contained tests. Please initial the tests near your child’s name, place them back in the envelope, sign the outside of the envelope, and return it to school.  I keep tests throughout the year.

  • For the science test tomorrow, students now have two worksheets they can use for study guides.  We went over them in class.  Beginning next week, these worksheets will be given as homework assignments.  I have taught the students how to work through the science book and find answers using headings in the text.  Next week, critical thinking will also be heavily graded.  Critical Thinking 

  • Some of my 4th grade friends had a rough day today. I look forward to a better day tomorrow!  Yay for Friday!

  • The Genevieve Fall Fundraiser information will come home tomorrow.

Tests for the week of 9/10  (Tests will be on Friday, 9/14.)

Science – Test on Chapter 1, Lessons 1 and 2 (These tests consist of mostly key vocabulary terms.) 

Math – Cumulative test on Lessons 1-10.  Today, we did a practice test the students are bringing home this evening.  Studying and understanding this paper will ensure a great grade tomorrow!

Spelling – Unit 2


Homework for 9/13

There is no written homework tonight.  Study, Study, Study!