September 10-14

September 10–14

Good Afternoon!!

I want to let you know what we will be doing in Pre-K this week.  🙂

Reading We will be starting our reading program: Happily Ever After. This program follows the SuperKids reading program that is used in K-2nd grade.  The first unit is “Little Red Riding Hood”.  In this unit we will be focusing on letter and sound recognition for Aa and Bb.

Math- We will continue to learn the parts of the calendar (days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, and tomorrow).  We will be using manipulatives to count objects to 20.

Religion– We will introduce Lesson 2: We See God in the World around Us-Creation.

We will be reading the bible story of how God created the world. We will continue to practice the Sign of the Cross and the Glory Be.  We will be going to the church to practice genuflecting at the altar.


*Picture Day –Tuesday, September 11.  Please wear uniform. (Pre-K is allowed to wear their P.E uniform for pictures.)

*Please consider donating to our class basket for Designer Bag Bingo. The theme is dogs and cat supplies and treats.

*Please check your child’s folder daily.

*We do provide snack every day, but if you choose to send a snack from home, please label the item as snack or put into a separate lunch box.  Some children are thinking they can eat their lunch for snack.

*Students should not be wearing sandals or flip flops to school.  This is considered unsafe and a uniform violation.