Thursday 9/6

All Classes:

Today all classes completed review of the summer work packet and were given a study guide to complete for homework.  Students, use your summer packet to help you with the study guide.  Study guides are due at the start of class tomorrow.

Since we fell a little behind today, I have moved all tests to Tuesday.  Just a reminder we will have Scantron on Monday.

Books need to be covered no later than Monday.  Failure to do so will earn a demerit.  Paper book covers are available at school for free just let me know if you need one tomorrow.

Letters were sent home yesterday in the Wednesday Envelope. Parents, please go over the paperwork in the envelope. It is a great way for the teachers to communicate with you and for you to see what your students are up to in class.  I sent home a letter for signature yesterday, if you and your student didn’t get a chance to sign it yesterday, please do so today.  If for some reason, the letter has been “misplaced” just let me know and I can send another one home with your student. Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

Any questions or concerns, let me know 🙂